Electronic Visa Application System of the Republic of Turkey

It is possible to obtain visa print-out after having electronically obtained the visa by bank card or credit card by registering the information online requested from the citizens of countries that are eligible for obtaining stamp and visa at border gates of our country. The application of stamp and visa delivery at border gates for those who don’t obtain it electronically will continue to be performed as in the past. 

How Is E-Visa Application Being Performed?
The process steps are “Apply Now, Pay and Download E-Visa” at the website. Electronic visa is sent to e-mail of the individual after the application has been completed

How Are the Procedures to Be Conducted at the Airport with E-Visa?
The applicants should print out e-visa before arriving at the airport. Applicants should submit the print-out of electronic visa to airport authorities and keep it until the end of the travel to be submitted to security authorities if requested.

What is the Validity Period of E-Visa?
The individuals should have at least 6 months valid passport from the date of travel, a flight reservation and a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard) for electronic visa application.

The date that is specified on the electronic visa application shall be the starting date of the validity period of the electronic visa and it shall be possible to enter Turkey on any date within such validity period. If the electronic visa is not used within the validity period, new electronic visa application should be made. Fee shall not be reimbursed even if the electronic visa is not used

For Which Types of Travels E-Visa is Valid?
Electronic Visa will be valid for touristic or commercial purpose travels. In other cases such as labor, education, research, training, long term residence, etc., applications should be made to our foreign representative offices.

Is it necessary to obtain E-Visa for each passenger?
Yes. Each passenger should obtain a separate visa. In the event of traveling together with the persons registered in the accompaniment section of the passport, a separate electronic visa should be obtained for such persons too and the passengers that have obtained e-visa should firstly go to passport cabins before visa cabins.

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Web Site : https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/