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The Doors of the World of Tastes are Open to Everybody !
Dalaman Airport YDA International Terminal offers a unique service considering its food and beverage choices. The passengers who wish to snack before or after the flight are welcome to the restaurants heaven of the terminal full of little buffets selling world brands. Here are the alternatives each more delicious than the other and most elite restaurant brands:

Check-in Hall

http://www.yda.aero/images/alisveris/restoran_cafe/Travellers.jpgBurger King

How about having Whooper Menu at King of Burger before check in? Especially on blistering summer days to resfreshing you Sundea and other kind of ice creams wait for you.



http://www.yda.aero/images/alisveris/restoran_cafe/Travellers.jpgCafe Turca

Cafe Turca, located after the baggage control on departure, is ready to serve you buffet breakfast, meals,beverages and fast food product by the view of Mediterrean blues and unique greens of Dalaman. And what about you?


http://www.yda.aero/images/alisveris/restoran_cafe/Travellers.jpgRainbow Cafe

We are pleased to serve passenger one more delicious than the other products at Rainbow cafe located at check in hall.



http://www.yda.aero/images/alisveris/restoran_cafe/Travellers.jpgGoodbye Cafe

Located at check in hall before passport control Goodbye Cafe you can appease with delicious sandwiches and pastas before check in and passport control. If you would like you can enjoy having tea or coffee also.


After Passport Control

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Knowing as the first brand at fried chicken Kentucky Fried Chicken,KFC is ready to offer passengers the most delicious alternatives.How about having a chicken wing before boarding the plane? Or delicious chicken pieces which are enough to feel full. Bon Appetite.


The fast food giant Mcdonald's is also present an the International Terminal with its menus adored on every spot of theworld. How about a BigMac? A menu for each member of the family before the flight make feel better. Whoever doesn't like hamburger and French fries?

Pizza Hut

Here is the American master of pizza. Would you prefer The Italian miracle full of mozzarella, salami, green pepper, or Hellim ( Cyprus authentic Turkish Cheese) cheese, upon request with salami, tomatoes, Super Supreme, Green Pizza, Mediterranean, or Farm House? All of these pizzas are waiting for you. If you wish you may have salads from salad bar, or macaronis or sandwiches as other alternatives

http://www.yda.aero/images/alisveris/restoran_cafe/Travellers.jpgCool Zone

A selection of delicious baked products including: cakes, pasta and our cold sandwiches are all available at Cool Zone .How about having a snack before your flight?


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