Marmaris is a place from heaven with its long coastal line, number of its bays, natural port, closeness to ancient ruins, natural beauties, blue tour opportunities, modern yacht marinas and all sorts of water sports.

You may swim in Marmaris even in winter thanks to its Mediterranean Climate. The surrounding dense and high mountains full of pine forests, including rare Liquidamber Orientalis trees and plane trees, form a very strong green belt for Marmaris.

It history reaches till 3400s B.C. It is claimed that the first settlement in Marmaris happened to be with the arrival of a clan with their leader named as Kar. The giving of Aegean and Mediterranean coats has always made the area attractive. Thus, Marmaris has gone under the reign of many civilizations throughout the history. You may see the traces of Karia, Rhodes, Island civilizations, Egyptians, Asdurs, İons, Persians, Macedonians, Syrians, Romans, Eastern Romans, Seljuk Turks and Ottoman Turks in a short in the area indeed. . . . .

Yacht Tourism

The Marmaris Bay is a natural port and employs three marinas with 1100 boats capacity and also 9 yacht rests with 1200 boats capacity. Various festivals are being organized in Marmaris, a real center of blue voyage, for to improve the yachting. The International Yacht Festival and International Marmaris Yacht Race are quite known and comphrensive activities.

Marmaris Cruise Port & Fast Ferries

Marmaris, a hidden paradise for cruise liners on the South Aegean Coast, 1 hour from Marmaris to the Greek Island of Rhodes by fast catamaran.


How to go Marmaris?

You may reach Marmaris via Dalaman Airport or with Rhodes Ferries easily as well as by road.

  • Marmaris-Istanbul 818 km.
  • Marmaris-Ankara 631 km.
  • Marmaris-Izmir 266 km.
  • Marmaris-Antalya 321 km.