Göcek is a small settlement famous for the beauty of its bays on the northwest shore of the Fethiye Bay with a population of 2713. Göcek, which was within the borders of Lycia in the antique ages, is only 20 km from Dalaman River, considered the boundary between the lands of Karia and Lycia, and 200 km from Pamphilia.

The region has many traces of Roman, Byzantian, Seldjuk and Ottoman civilizations after the antique ages. Apart from the archeological ruins, it is possible to experience the cultural and ethnographic richness accumulated throughout millenia, especially in the mountain villages which have rather tenuous communication with the modern world.

Göcek is 24 km to the Dalaman Airport. Being easily accessible from centers such as Antalya and Izmir, and located at the hub of the Bodrum - Antalya blue cruise route, it is a popular yachting center, especially among foreign yachters. Göcek is under Special Environmental Protection for the endemic plant life, as well as its natural beauty. Deniz Temiz (Clean Sea) Foundation carries out cleaning activities in the Göcek bays, together with the residents. Due to their cleanliness, tranquility and safety, Göcek bays entertain many world famous names each year, and are mentioned often in the press.

Yacht Tourism

Göcek is a paradise on earth for yacht tourism. You can cruise the bays on either yachts or the daily tour boats leaving from the shore all day long, go swimming and taste delicious foods. On this trip encompassing the twelve islands, places such as Yassıcalar, where yachts overnight, Tersane Bay, Cleopatra Baths, Boynuz Bükü, Bedri Rahmi Bay are visited, and the boats return to dock in the evening.

With the marinas built in the last years, the mooring capacity for yachts has gone up to 850 berths. Today, due to all these characteristics, Göcek is one of the most popular yachting centers of the Mediterranean.

Göcek market is diversified to appeal to foreign yacht passengers. There are a large number of souvenir shops.

How to go Gocek ?

If you want to drive your car to Göcek, on the Muğla - Fethiye highway, you need to follow the Izmir - Aydın - Muğla route, through the Sakar Pass, past Köyceğiz and Dalaman. The easiest way of reaching Göcek is to take one of the flights from İstanbul or Ankara. After reaching Dalaman Airport, you will continue on towards Fethiye, and you will see the petrol station on the right as you go down the ramp. Göcek is 1 km from this junction.