Saklıkent is the biggest canyon in Turkey. It is located within the boundary of Seydikemer country and 26,6 km far away from city center and it is estimated to take 30 minutes from Fethiye. It is located on Karaçay watercourse which is an arm of Eşen watercourse and bounds Ankara - Muğla city border. Saklıkent was discovered by a shepherd approximately 15 years ago. To stay its natural beauty for genarations Saklıkent was made national park with the decision of Council of Minister in 06 June 1996. So many alternative activities such as Jeep Safari, Mountaineering, trecking can be done in this region.

Lenght of Saklıkent Canyon is approximately 18 km , its height is avarage 200 m , in some places it can reach to 600 m. Its width changes between 20-30 m partly and canyon narrows in some parts and it is not possible to see sky in this parts. There are close to 20 in different lenght large and small cave in hillside of canyon. In its boundry Seydikemer (Bağlıağaç, Kayadibi ve Arsa), Kaş (Aklar, Y.Çamlıköy and Y.Palamut) villages are located.



If you wander in Saklıkent I suggest to go out in the morning. You can not enjoy the travel as the sun is right to canyon at noon. In Saklıkent fish farm, spring water which is cold enough to freeze your marrow even in the summer, authentic places where local community prepare and serve hotcake, buttermilk wait for you.



How to go Saklıkent ?

Dalaman Airport is the nearest Airport to Saklıkent. It is possible to transfer Saklıkent from Marmaris by bus. There are so many firm make transportation from big cities like İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir to Saklıkent. Distance from Saklıkent to some cities are detailed below:

  • Saklıkent-Dalaman Airport 95.3 Km
  • Saklıkent-Marmaris 171 Km
  • Saklıkent-İzmir 379 Km
  • Saklıkent-İstanbul 799 Km
  • Saklıkent-Ankara 608 Km