Fethiye is in a bay of Mediterranean open to north as surrounded by the pine forest behind, and with many big and small islands around. It descends to a plane from rock graves and the castle and down to the sea from the Karagözler. Its horizon hosts the Island of Knights, Günlükbarı and opposing mountains.

Fethiye is known by the historical remnants of Persians, Lycians, Karians and Romans. It is one of our important tourism centers thanks to its cultural richness, natural beauties and geography. Ölüdeniz is one of those strengths. Ölüdeniz has many diving locations just like Af Kule. There are many caves open to the tourist visits. Alternative sports, like paragliding, may be performed due to its natural settlement. There are special areas like untouched Valley of Butterflies and Kabak Bay. You may visit the islands, namely 12 islands, with daily boat tours.

Besides Ölüdeniz Beach, there are other very beautiful beaches in Fethiye such as Belcekız (Belceğiz), Çalış, İztuzu Plajı (Dalyan). Added to such alternatives, Fethiye also is rich by means of cultural tourism thanks to its city ruins from ancient times. Some of the ancient cities around Fethiye are Telmessos, Kaunos, Kadyanda, Tlos, Pınara, Letoon and Xanthos. The museum of Fethiye is also at the service of tourism with its rich collection of historical artifacts.

How to Go?

Arrive to Fethiye via İzmir-Muğla road; pass the Eşen stream over Kemer and follow the Tlos and Saklıkent signs on the road to right; you will reach Yakapark.

The distance between Fethiye and Saklıkent is 52 km where between Fethiye and Ölüdeniz is 12 km Fethiye is located at the following distances to our big cities:

  • Fethiye-İstanbul 720 km
  • Fethiye-Ankara 650 km.
  • Fethiye-İzmir 360 km.
  • Fethiye-Antalya 125 km.

The daily boats leaving from Fethiye coast visit Kadrancı and surrounding bays with great opportunities of swimming in Turquoise waters.