Dalyan is a residence of Ortaca district of Muğla. The famous Köyceğiz Lake, a miracle of nature, is located in this area. Dalyan, just on the main channel which connects the Köyceğiz Lake and Mediterranean Sea, is a real wonder of mothe nature. It has not been spoiled although being so close to many famous tourism centers.

Dalyan is totally under the Mediterranean Climate and accordingly owns the typical flora of this climate. There is a rich variety of plants in the area.

Dalyan Beach is the number one beach of Turkey considering the house intensity(km/house) of the Caretta Caretta turtles. The annual turtle house figure for the region is about 250.

Carreta Carettas, İztuzu Beach, Mud Bathing...

İztuzu Beach is one of the rare ones on which Caretta Carettas trust and leave their babies. İztuzu is the second beach in the world holding the award for "protecting its naturalness" and indeed a wonder of nature. This beach with fresh water on one side and Mediterranean Sea on the other is told to be unique. The beach starts from the bottom of the mountains lying perpendicular to the sea and skirts the entrance of dalyan delta where all the sand is gold and thin.

Dalyan natural fish area provides the life for the most delicious sea products tanks to its density differences, periodical flowing direction and structure of its very nature. This protected beach is also attractive with its coastal line that changes every year and hosts the tourists coming from Marmaris, Fethiye, Göcek and around in day time where at nights hosts the baby turtles coming out of the eggs left between 15 May-15 October but running to the sea. Mud bathes are also heavily visited by the tourists. 'Gelgirme', ' Ali Rıza Çavuş Girmesi', 'Delibey Girmesi' and 'Sultaniye Spa" is full of visitors especially in the summer months. Ali Rıza Çavuş Girmesi (Spa) is a sulphur spa with 12 liters of circulation at 38-39 degrees temperature. The spa is told to treat rheumatism, sciatica, classification etc. diseases, where three cures in a day each taking 40-45 minutes are recommended. If you have come to Dalyan you should not leave without making a boat trip in the delta. A boat trip within the reeds, giving the feel of a giant labyrinth, will give you the breath taking panorama of wondrous Dalyan delta.

How to Go?

The shortest way to reach Dalyan is to arrive at Dalaman airport, 27 km to Dalyan, and to complete the rest taking the minibuses and taxis to Dalyan. If you prefer bus trip, you may use the scheduled buses of Kamil Koç bus agency from İstanbul. If you use your private vehicle, you shall follow the İzmir-Muğla road and come down to Gökova from Sakar crossing of 670 meters altitude and continue towards Ortaca. Dalyan will take 10 minutes, 12 km, from Ortaca.

  • Dalaman Havalimanı-Dalyan 27 Km