Dalaman is a city in the province of Muğla. It affects the economy of the area by facilitating access to the touristic regions of Muğla through the airport. New facilities have been added to the Dalaman Airport in order to meet the increased passenger traffic. The bays within the boundaries of the city of Dalaman, known as the Göcek Bays, are imminently suitable for yacht tourism. The main ones are Kurşunlu, Akbükü, Göbün, Boynuzbükü and Sarsala Bays.
There are historical ruins almost everywhere in Dalaman. The most important archeological ruins, found most densely in the villages of Kapıdağı, Şerefler, Kayadibi, Çöğmen, Gürleyik and Bozbel, are rock tombs, forts, water cisterns, shrines, antique cities, bridges, monasteries and ancient water mills.

Dalaman River

Dalaman River is a favorite stopping place for the guests of the touristic facilities in the area and rafting enthusiasts. Activities at the Dalaman River are organized by rafting agencies who supply all the necessary equipment. 14 km rafting tours that start at Demirli Village, under the Akköprü bridge, last all day. Photographs are taken, meals eaten in open-air restaurants, and at the end of a fun filled day, tourists are dropped off at their hotels with the minibuses that brought them in the morning. The stages with a hardship factor above 2 are 15 km upriver from the starting point of Kemerli Bridge. Equipment such as rafts, lifevests, helmets, etc. are supplied by the agency. At the end of the rafting tour, the tourists, pre-insured, are given certificates in memory of the day.




Historical and Touristic Sites to be Visited

Historical Sites

  • Lidai, Lissay, Crya and the Cleopatra Baths at Kapıdağı
  • Kozpınar (Kalynda) and rock tombs at Şerefler
  • Shrine at Kargınkür
  • Ironmongers Market at Gürköy
  • Monastery and religious school at Karaağaç
  • Lycian rock caves at Gökdağ
  • Ancient suspension bridge
  • Historical Akköprü bridge
  • Lycian rock tombs at Kayadibi
  • Hippokome antique city at Kavacık
  • Fortifications and rock tombs at Bozbel, an extension of the Octopolis antique city
  • Fort and baths at Gürleyik
  • TIGEM Administration building

Picnic Areas

  • Coastline between Sansu and Hurmalı bays
  • Riverbank, Şahin Tepesi (Falcon Hill) and Gökdağ ruins
  • Akkaya region
  • Gürleyik Çal river
  • Üçgül, Dumlu and Akpınar plateaus at Çöğmen
  • The summits of Çal, Şimsir and Aygır mountains
  • Sweetgum forests in the districts of Hürriyet and Altıntaş
  • Akköprü and the canyon on Dalaman River
  • District of Kırcagedre

How to Get There

Those who prefer to fly land at Dalaman Airport, where more than 300 flights arrive on weekends. Those who prefer to drive follow the route over İzmir - Aydin - Çine and Mugla, go through the 670 m high Sakar Pass with its views of the Gökova Bay, and go toward Fethiye, past Köyceğiz and Ortaca, and arrive at Dalaman. The trip from Istanbul takes approximately 11 - 12 hours. To get to the Dalaman River, Akköprü, which is the starting point for the rafting tours, can be reached by driving past the Beyobası junction.