Aktau Airport

YDA International Airport Construction Investment and Management Ltd. ("YDA") has been awarded the Build - Operate - Transfer concession for Aktau City International Airport New Passenger Terminal and Trust Management of Aktau City Airport. Also the terminal has been operated by YDA since January 2008.

2 Boarding Bridges

There are 2 boarding bridges in the terminal building and 2 additional boarding bridges can be added according to the future requirements.

16 Check-in Banks

There are 16 check-in banks of which 6 in international lines departing passengers hall, 8 in domestic lines departing passengers hall, 2 in CIP Hall. In order to meet the requirements in the future, additional 8 check-in banks can be placed in both halls.

12 Passport Cabins - 2 Visa Cabins

In total there are 12 passport cabins that serve simultaneously, of which 5 in arriving passengers hall, 6 in departing passengers hall and 1 in CIP Hall. It is designed to meet the requirements in the future.




There are 3 escalators in order to provide the passenger flow between the 1. floor and the 2. Floor.


There are 8 elevators in order to provide the passenger flow between the 1. floor and the 2. floor.


There are systems that enable heating, cooling, air ventilation and air conditioning.

Building Automation System

All systems (security, HVAC etc.) will be controlled with automation system.

FIDS (Flight Information System)

Flight information system that shows all arriving and departing flights.


Whole terminal is secured with closed circuit tv system.


During the electricity outage, the terminal building, runway and apron will be fed with the generator.


3200 meter height and 60 meter width runway was constructed; with CAT-1 runway lighting system.


Instrumented Landing System (ILS) was established on the runway.