Address of High Quality and Cheap Shopping

Airlet Duty Free Outlet Shop takes place at the departure food court floor. In the Airlet you can find the most interesting gifts and proper options for people who you love most ! Come and colour your life and give unforgettable and valuable gifts for special days for people who you love most.


AIRLET! The easiest way for buying toys

Live a pleasure to give a gift to your children…. You are in the right place as the toys are accompany your children and they will never refuse accepting toys the most valuable and special period in their life.Toys helps and takes very important place in children life.We have toys appeals without distinction of age,sex and the position.
Educational,mental-cultivated,with music and remote control toys,wood,baby dolls and cartoon characters toys and you can find more in AIRLET..



Special trendy bags for women who follows the fashion closely...!

  • Leather,Casual and Night Bags
  • Children,School and Travel Bags
  • Make-up Bags
AIRLET has various different kinds of product with its models,colours,quality and elegant design.We are focused hundred percent customer satisfaction.



Indespensable accessories …

At the accessory category you can find wood and metal decoration,curio,ashtrays,mirror ,jewellery ,jewelerry box and extensive range of products..


Ceramic Objects

Everybody is going to admire your cup glass!

Do you like to have cute cartoons cup or extraordinary cups and modern,sport and colorful flask ?



Wear up blue bead and it brings you good luck..

Generally blue beads are in the form of eyes. Eyes are believed that the starting point of all kinds of good and bad thoughts.With the aim of keeping oneself from the bad eyes and bad minds it has been using from the ancient times. Many people use blue beads both belief and decoration in their daily life.
Keycase,magnet,cup glass,ashtray.clock and giftware are taken place in Airlet department and in addition to this there are T-Shirts with Turkish flag symbol and hats.




Products distinguishes you special and different ..

There are various kinds of products in the clothes and home textile department in our store. Airlet has lots of products: For Women;shawls,gloves,socks,dresses,night dresses and unisex kimonos.. For Men ;pants and sleeves For Children;blanket and kinds of bathrobes Home textile;cushion tick,bed and table covers